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Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Our students are central to everything we do.

Establishing an environment conducive to good teaching and learning is essential to achieving success in the classroom.

We foster successful interaction in the classroom by celebrating the three main tenets of our code of behaviour:

  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for property

The subject teacher is key to achieving high standards and effective discipline with all our students.

Subject teachers must:

  • Make clear and concise demands on our students
  • Make consistent use of policies and procedures in all aspects of classroom management.

Corporal punishment is not permitted in any circumstances. Demands which are reasonable and fair and made within the framework of agreed school policies and procedures will normally be met by our students.

The school journal is used to communicate both positive and negative observations to parents.

Regular monitoring of the journal by staff and parents is most important to aid effective classroom management.

An essential aspect of best classroom practice is praise and affirmation. The Principal and staff will support all positive contributions that students make to their class, year group and school. This will be acknowledged in weekly Tutor News or awards that are given during the school year.

The Teaching & Learning Framework of continuing professional development in the form of subject departments is very significant in supporting the work of the subject teacher in the classroom.

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