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My TY Blog- Anonymous

My TY Blog- Anonymous



Monday was my first day back after mid-term. It was an eventful day to get us back into the swing of things. First we had a very interesting talk about ‘show racism the red card’. We learnt more about how prevalent racism is in our society today and how we should combat it. We also had a swing of a time at golf. After Magone and Mazzarello had the luck of going to Supermacs and Lidl! It was a great time because I got to bond with my classmates over food.


Tuesday was a fairly run of the mill kind of day. There was no major things happening which was kind of nice as we need a break from all the activities every once in a while. However, the green schools committee met at break time to discuss the future plans of making our school a more vibrant and environmentally friendly place.


On Wednesday half of the year gathered after school to practice for our upcoming musical “back to the 80’s”. The show is right around the corner so we are busy learning all of our dances and the cast is busy memorising lines and learning the script. Although it is all a lot of hard work it is paying off and everything is coming together fairly nicely while we are still having a blast!


Ok so Thursday was a fun day for all the transition year students! We had a great workshop and I learned plenty of new life skills such as ironing, how to tie a tie, polishing shoes, painting nails and last but not least perfecting our walk by modelling with books balanced on our heads! This workshop was given by the Irish School of Etiquette. This workshop was to benefit all of us students and to prepare us for work experience which I am very excited for with only two weeks to go!


I didn’t have a jam packed day on Friday but it was still a productive day as I prepared for the upcoming science week. We designed posters and tried to advertise the activites we have planned for next week. This was a nice day to end the first week back to school.

TY Sept/Oct

Week 1:

The transition year’s first expedition began on the 4th September as they left for Keeper Hill, Ireland’s 117th highest mountain. Classes Magone and Mazzarello took part in a three day first aid course from Wednesday to Friday, whilst Savio began integrated dance and Bosco began driving lessons.

Week 2:

Wednesday endured great excitement as the Junior Cert results came out on the 13th of September for 2016/2017 3rd years. Spirits rang high as amazing results were achieved. On Thursday, a member from Bank of Ireland gave a talk about becoming members of the school bank. On the Friday of week 2, Magone and Savio went to Craggaunowen and King John’s castle for a history trip.

Week 3:

On the Monday our BOI interviews took place. On Tuesday many TY students took part in our schools open night. The following day all four TY classes went to Killary for two nights. All students took part in activities such as gorge walking, cliff diving, kayaking, turf challenge, Killary challenge, bushcraft and skyfall. Evening games consisted of dodge ball, team building activities and challenges based on strength, flexibility etc... An amazing time was had by all and guaranteed one of the highlights of the year so far.

Week 4:

On Monday, we visited the Sarsfield army barracks in Limerick city. We were shown the different ammunition utilised by the army and the tanks driven. On Tuesday, we were given a student enterprise talk in the south court hotel. Classes Savio and Bosco began their first aid course on the Wednesday.

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