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Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation & Assessment

There is no end-of-year state examination in Transition Year - a decision made by the Dept of Education to ensure that the focus of the year was learning led rather than exam driven

The Year is not examined, but rather is assessed, and is intended to be a broad educational experience encouraging creativity and responsibility for oneself

Portfolio assessment – TY Journal ,End of year interview, Oral /Aural assessment, Project work and Skills assessment, Self-assessment, Employers / Work Providers Report, Written / Practical Class test,Subject Teacher Evaluation, Peer assessment, Cross Curricular Project.

There are 6 elements to the assessment process.

Work experience – 20%

Ty Journal – 10%

Formal interview – 10%

Assignment Credits – 40%

Attendance/Punctuality – 10%

Participation – 10 %

T.Y. Certification is awarded at the T.Y. Graduation, which takes place at a designated date in the school church. The following grades are awarded:

1) Excellence; 90% Plus

2) Distinction; 80% - 89%

3) Merit; 65% - 79%

4) Pass; 50% - 64%

5) Completed T.Y.; Less than 50%


Information for Students 2018/2019

The assessment procedure is constantly reviewed like all elements of ty and the introduction of a Portfolio element into the process for assesment will benefit students in 2018.The aim of the portfolio assessment is to set up a dialogue between the pupil and the teachers about the pupil’s own learning, to promote the notion of pupil’s owning and taking responsibility for their own learning, to give the pupils the time and space for their learning efforts to be appreciated and to give the time and space for the teachers efforts to be affirmed.

As part of your Transition Year you will be asked to keep a portfolio of your work.
The work in the portfolio should represent all subjects and activities during the year and is compiled throughout the year on a regular basis. You will be asked to select four pieces for each interview during TY as per guidelines. This portfolio will give you an overview of the work you have done during your Transition Year. It will reflect how much you have improved in some areas and help you to see where your particular strengths and interests are. As well as highlighting effort and quality of work it will also help you identify areas of your school work where you might need to improve. It gives you an opportunity to discuss your overall work (not necessarily on a subject basis) with a teacher. This will help you to be able to make judgements about your own performance and become more independent and mature in your learning.

Samples of what might be included:-

1. Evidence of work:-
Project folders.
Mini-company products.
CD/DVD (audio and/or video)
Maths or problem-solving exercises.
Objects made in art or any other practical
Reports of trips, exchanges, debates, musicals, plays and PE
activities (using photographs or other souveniors where

2. A log of completed works:-
You will be asked to complete a log on the items you choose to include in the portfolio. You complete one of these for each
piece of work and include it in the portfolio.

3. Results of tests and certificates of courses completed can also be included:-
One of your teachers may help you to design a suitable “box” in which you can store all your work.

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